Sahara Reporters’ Omoyele Sowore reveals how he was attacked

Sahara Reporters’ Omoyele Sowore reveals how he was attacked

News broke today that Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, was arrested in Lagos after UK based journalist, Lekan Fatodu accused him of alleged criminal defamation, blackmail and threat to life.

 But now, Omoyele has told his side of the story of what happened when it comes to the arrest. Read what he said below:

I was physically attacked today by a Gang led by Lekan Fatodu this part of a VIDEO of him assaulting me before police officers at Area “F” in Ikeja in Lagos. 

After the police “intervened” soon as I was attacked by Lekan Fatodu and his friends in Lagos we were taken to the CP’s office in Lagos. Turns out he was in on this, he pulled out a supposed petition written by Lekan from his hat after that he became very hostile towards me and ordered that we be driven to State CID, at Panti in Lagos. It is very obvious that this was planned between Lekan Fatodu and the police. They offered him unbridled support as he continued attacking me in the presence of the police. I could have been I am familiar with this style of the Nigerian police. We are now being driven to Panti in Yaba res of Lagos

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