Woman congratulates Nollywood actress Awele, who is allegedly pregnant for her husband

Actress Awele's congratulated Wife Man Pregnant

Actress Awele’s congratulated From Wife of The Man She is Pregnant For

So Nollywood Actress Awele is currently pregnant and told she received a congratulatory message from the wife of the man she is allegedly pregnant for. It is really very strange for a man’s wife to wish the side chic congrats when she is pregnant. This new year is about to be full of beef and today is just the 6th of January.

💃💃💃Awele congratulation🙌as u achieve ur aim over my husband👍I wish u save delivery💋will both enjoy the relationship💃💃💃@Aweleodita7@[email protected][email protected]@zargazer 1love💝💝💝