Akinwunmi: Super Eagles can win the World Cup


Super Eagles Can Win World Cup

Akinwunmi – Super Eagles can win the World Cup. 

Seyi Akinwunmi, The First Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation has expressed some confidence that he believes Nigeria‘s football team will be outstanding in 2017, and might also will the Russia 2018 World Cup. The Eagles will be completing their remaining world cup qualifying series this year and will also be involved in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and 2018 Championship for African Nations, CHAN qualifiers.

Even Though Nigeria didn’t make it to 2017 AFCON in Gabon, Akinwunmi still believes the NFF is ready it takes for them to achieve good results this year according to his interview with Complete Sports.

He also said:

“We are entering the new year with the spirit of optimism. I believe that this year will be a good one for us.

“We have a few plans for the New Year. We’ve been blessed that we have a coach who shares our views. We are also lucky that even though we won’t be in Gabon for the Nations Cup, we have the coach there to check on our World Cup qualifying opponents which we believe will be a blessing for us.

“We have a number of assignments this year which we intend to undertake with vigour. We have the CHAN qualification. But the most important is the World Cup qualification. And the coach has said nobody should assume that they will go to the World Cup without the work being put in.

“By the team and the individuals who are called up into the team, what I have seen thus far, it’s clear to me that everyone needs to work for his spot. And I think that’s the way a team improves.”
He added that the Super Eagles now have what it takes to go very far at the World Cup in Russia if they qualify.
He said, “Going to the World Cup is a Nigerian project, it is not an NFF project and we all owe it to ourselves to get there.

“And it’s not just getting there alone but also doing exploits, surpass whatever any other African team has done. And who says after getting to the end we can’t win it?

“We certainly have the talents, it’s just that now we need to focus a bit more and work as one. This is not a time for bickering, this is a World Cup qualification year and we need to do everything possible to get there.”