Did Flo and Kay Lyman die? See Twins Flo and Kay Lyman today

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Did Flo and Kay Lyman die?

Did Flo and Kay Lyman die? Rainman twins Flo and Kay Lyman today – Are the Rainman twins 2020 still living?

The answer is – Yes they are still living!

Rainman twins are the world’s only autistic savants twins.

From the moment they were born, the Rainman twins were unlike any sisters on planet earth. Thought to be mentally retarded, they were tormented by kids.
What no one realized is that Flo and Kay are among the most brilliant people the world has ever seen. They are the only identical twin autistic savant sisters known to exist.

Are Flo and Kay Lyman still living, obituary, cause of death & what happened to the Rainman twins

Many people have been asking if Flo and Kay Lyman died. The Rainman twins are NOT dead.


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