“I am a Nigerian but England called me first” – Chelsea defender Tomori

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"I am a Nigerian but England called me first" - Chelsea defender Tomori

21-year-old Fikayo Tomori is proud to be from Africa and he just revealed the reason for pledging his allegiance with the Three Lions.

He states:

“I just wanted to go as far as I can and that also involves playing for the national team,” Tomori told OmaSportsTV.

“It was a difficult choice for me. It was something I had to think about for a year or two and I was previously at the U21 Euros, so I wasn’t thinking too far ahead, but then there was a lot of talk and questions and I had to make a decision. “England called me up in September, and I didn’t get a call up from anyone when they called me up, it was hard to say no to them.”

“But I enjoy Nigerian music, I’m Nigerian, it’s my culture and I’m very proud of it. I enjoy the food too – pounded yam and jollof especially,” he added.

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