Mary Fanto death: What happened to Mary Fanto?

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Mary Fanto death, obituary: Mary Fanto Great Baking Show death happened December 2019

Mary Fanto death, obituary: Mary Fanto Great Baking Show death

Mary Fanto was memorialized tonight at the end of ABC’s “Great” American Baking Show which aired on ABC at 9.00ET.

Who is Mary Fanto and why was the finale in her memory?

Mary Fanto was one of the Greatest American Baking Show Casting Producer. She was also a part of the casting team for The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition on ABC. After her death in December, she was honored at the end of the episode.

Please say a prayer for the family as you read the tributes below:

I lost an old friend last week. Mary Fanto – one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever known. We meet around 1994 in LA and became fast friends. Funny, happy, silly, up for any adventure and so smart.

So many fun times, Big Bear, San Francisco, yoga, hiking, mostly just hanging out together. When I left LA we spoke less and less but she was still a part of my fabric and I thought of her often.

I am just so sad that she his gone but I am so happy that I was a lucky one who got to hang out for awhile with this incredible soul. I will miss you. What a great reminder to us all – please pick up the phone – send that text – reach out to the ones you love. 

Here are just a few of the many photos I have of our Mary and many of you that know her will recognize that infectious smile. Until later dear friend.


Aunt Mary you were one of the greatest people to know ever now your gone. But I know your up there with mamie and prissy sassy and Pete and snoopy.take
Care of mamie and the 4 little furry ones up there say hi to them for me.

It was just when I was ten years old that I got to come out to California for the first time ever that was the greatest trip ever and the best memory of you that I’ll hold onto deep in my heart for ever. You will be dearly missed.

Mary Fanto death, obituary: Mary Fanto Great Baking Show death

May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!!!


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