Presidency did well not disclosing nature of Buhari’s sickness – Reuben Abati

Presidency did well not disclosing nature of Buhari’s sickness – Reuben Abati

presidency well not disclosing nature buharis sickness reuben abati

He said:

“What you then find is that presidencies all over the world, particularly in US and France, try to manage the sickness of the president because it is delicate, and you cannot blame his media team for being careful because of either political or national security considerations.

“It is natural for people to be anxious about the health of their president. You cannot question that. But it is also the responsibility of those managing the situation to avoid unnecessary news and cause unnecessary panic.

“The first point is that the office of the President is the most important office in our American-style democracy. The person of the President is also very important because people look up to the President for inspiration; for strength; for confidence, and when the President is ill, it could have implications for a lot of things within the economy so people are concerned.

“But one point we must take away from this is that presidents are also human beings, who can fall sick. They also have an immune system that can fail them sometimes. So, the president can fall ill.

“What you can take from all of this is that President Buhari has acted well but handing power over to the Vice-President who will then become the acting-president. There is a single Presidency in Nigeria. So even the job of an acting-president is delegated authority, because what we are dealing with is temporary incapacity in the eyes of the law..

“What I have criticized in this matter is people turning Buhari’s health situation into a circus. I wrote a piece and people are saying ‘Oh, you are mocking an old man.’ I am not mocking an old man, because if care is not taken everybody will want to go to London and take selfies and post on social media.”


Source : Dailypostng