Shocking: Man Abandons Wife, Marries Mother-in-law instead


Mahto Suraj, a 22 year old man is said to have abandoned his wife for his mother in law, Asha Devi.

Mahto left his wife for her because his wife’s mother visited him when he was very sick.

India Times is reporting that Asha actually left her own husband who happens to be a factory worker and started living with Suraj, who is her son in law and they both had a course and formal temple wedding.

Mahto claim to have fallen in love with his mother in law who is 42 year old when she stayed with him and his wife briefly.

The panchayat have ruled in favor of the couple starting that since they are madly in love, there shouldn’t be any reason to separate both of them.

However, Mahto is pleading for the marriage bond but him and his former wife Latila to be broken, claiming that he just realised how foolish he was for marrying her in the first place.

“I have come to realize my foolishness. I admit I have committed the mistake, but will never repeat in future. Now, I no longer treat her (Devi) as my wife, rather, I have started paying her regard as a mother and an in-law that she is.

“I am on my knees, I’m begging Lalita to take me back home for the sake of our son,” Mahto added