You shall lose everything you cherish – Kemi Afolabi

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You shall lose everything you cherish – Kemi Afolabi

Popular Nollywood Yoruba movie actor Kemi Afolabi might be in a very sad place from recent posts on her Instagram handle. The 42-year-old has laid curses on a faceless blogger reportedly tarnishing her image through stories written about her she claims are false.

She Wrote:

‘I write from a place of pain…

Enough is Enough! Faceless blogger ur end is near!!!

For every LIE told about me to gain traffic on ur page to enable you get advert placement, you shall lose everything you ever cherished in life one after the other except IF ur stories of me are facts.

I ignore mostly because you’re not accessible for now and battling with you will be a waste of time and energy.

And for every single person that mentioned my name under that blog whether wit real or fake account you shall experience SADNESS before this year come to an end.


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